I'm your personal tour guide at Hinterland Tours & Transfers.

Do you want to see the best of the Cairns Hinterland from a local who’s knowledgeable, knows the BEST places, and is lots of fun to travel with (That’s what my customers tell me!)?

Don’t waste your time or money on a boring and stale bus tours. I offer you the benefits of a bus tour and with the freedom of a hire car.

A personal note on why I started Hinterland Tours & Transfers

I’ve been fortunate to have done some solo travel around the world, as many Australians do. 

I quit my day job and boarded a flight for London in January 2013. When I landed, I was met by a winter I had never experienced! An old British housemate and no plan in hand. 

My intention was to use my dual citizenship within the United Kingdom to travel the UK & Europe for 12 months, enjoy my first white Christmas, and reconsider my position. 

Five months later I was home. 

Ok, so things didn’t really go according to plan, but then I didn’t really have one at the time either. 

The question is – If I had the opportunity to do it all over again, would I? 


Did I learn anything in those five months? Definitely! 

And I have been reflecting on that adventure ever since. 

During the course of those five months, I took in a number of different tours from one day to 19 day tours. From snowboarding tours to hiring cars and surviving British Dual Carriageways. 

On all of the tours I took, there were a lot of couples and small groups. As someone lost in a far off, distant land; I always wondered why they chose to take these bus tours.

After a couple of years of reflection and some more solo travel, I started to change my way of thinking and decided that I no longer wanted to travel solo. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and recommend highly if you haven’t traveled solo, you should try it. But I was looking for a different travel experience and anyone who has traveled before knows the most wonderful part, is: the experience. 

Which brings us to why I started Hinterland Tours & Transfers. This company is the product of many years of personal reflections and the solution to my wanting to experience travel with a small group of close family or friends. It’s the kind of Tour that I want to find when I next go traveling. 

It’s the perfect blend of Guided Tours, hiring a car and having the freedom to drive where ever you want. It’s the kind of tour I want to find so I can have a relaxing, enjoyable experience with the people I care about and from someone who knows everything about my chosen destination. And it’s exactly the sort of tour I give! We give our customers the flexibility to change the itinerary as we go or have a bespoke itinerary written for them. Hinterland Tours & Transfers gives the Maximum Value for time. 

If you want to learn about the local culture and history – who better to learn from than a 4th generation local? (The answer is nobody! ☺) I grew up here and I’ve been exploring and learning about the rich history of the Cairns Hinterland since I was just a boy.

Customer experience is most important to me and I’ve made it my number one priority to bring you the most informative, flexible and comfortable experience you’ve had on any tour. It’s all about you (with me) – Your interests, your time, and your adventure of a lifetime!

The Hinterland region is truly unique and I’m so honoured to be able to show you the best places to see as well as a few hidden gems (Don’t forget to ask me about them!).

You and your guests can just sit back, relax and enjoy the day catered to your own personal interests.  

A great day is what you deserve and it’s what I bring to you.

Call me now and escape into paradise. 

The choice is yours – You can go on a tour with “the other guys” or you can literally take an unforgettable journey full of fun and adventure!