Frequently asked questions.


How Do I Make A Booking

If you would like to book one of our packaged Itineraries, please head on over to the packages page of our website, select the tour you like and send us a request. If you would like us to customise your very own tour, please send a request from the customised tour page

How Do I Cancel My Booking

If you need to cancel a booking please let us know in writing via the Contact us page. 
Please observe our cancellation policy as we may not be able to give a full refund. 

How Is Hinterland Tours & Transfers Different From Other Tour Companies

We don't sell individual seats. Our tours are designed to feel like a road trip. You have all the safety of having someone who knows where they are going and what to see like a big bus tours, with the freedom to choose where to go like a hire car.  

Can You Do Tours For Solo Travellers

One of the advantages of a tour with us is we do not sell individual seats. Therefore you are never on a tour with us with anyone else you do not know. We are more then happy to take solo travellers, however this does mean you will be required to pay the base price for two people. 

Hiring A Car Looks A Lot Cheaper, Why Should I Choose A Tour With You Guys

You are right! Hiring a car would be cheaper. Why you would choose to take a tour with Hinterlandtnt is simple. It comes down to what type of traveller you are. Do you like the sense of adventure that comes with not knowing where you are and what you might see? or do you want peace of mind that you are never going to get lost and certainty what you are going to see is worth seeing.   

What If The Tour I Like Is Not Offered On The Day I'd Like

Unlike other tour companies, we dont have set days that we run tours. We leave everyday open for any tour. The only way you won't get to do the tour you want on the day you want is if we have a prior booking on that day.

How Much Luggage Can I Bring

We prefer our guests to bring only soft small backpacks for any personal items. There is no need to bring a water bottle as water is provided and there are many places throughout the day to refill. Sunscreen and a towel is also provided. It is Recommended to bring a hat, 

How Much Money Should I Bring

This is a good question. As it is very hard for us to predict how hungry you will be and how many souvenirs you will buy. At this point in time, no main meals are included in our tours. This is something we are sure to change in the future. It is our recommendation to budget thirty dollars per meal and a little more for souvenirs.